CEGEN Environmental Group's Micro Modular Data Centers (MMDC)

Setting the standard for cost-effective and environmentally friendly data centers worldwide.

What is an MMDC?

CEGEN has developed a concept to design and build data  centers using the latest in environmental impact mitigation materials, technologies, and construction techniques. 

Modular Structures

The basis for MMDC modular construction is industrial skids - used by the oil and gas industry for decades.  The individual skids can be any size up to 600 square feet.  From there, they can be attached horizontally or vertically to create a customized structure of any size.  

Controlled Environment Manufacturing

MMDC modular structures are built off-site in controlled environments.  This means that they can be built year round, regardless of weather conditions.  This speeds the time of manufacturing and brings the MMDC to market much more quickly than a bricks and mortar building.  

Environmentally Effective Design

The MMDCs bring together and harmoniously link several environmental impact mitigation solutions.  These include solar panel arrays, natural or hydrogen power generation, and exhaust wind clean energy power.  In addition, living walls and on-site greenhouses can be installed to further lower environmental impact.  

Natural Gas or Hydrogen Power Generation

MMDCs can use either natural gas or hydrogen power generation.  This approach allows MMDC facilities to be nearly or completely grid independent.  Both natural gas and hydrogen are in abundant supply, thereby reducing the cost to power the MMDC facility.  

Heat Recapture

Server and equipment heat is recaptured and circulated in on-site living walls and greenhouses.  In so doing, MMDCs emit very little carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  

Leverages Government Economic Stimulation

CEGEN has dedicated team members who focus on leveraging government and other incentives for each MMDC project.  This may include tax reduction or elimination, grants, and additional support for green energy projects.  

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought."

MMDC Features and Benefits

A reduced construction cost of up to 65% per square foot.

Applying tried and true design and manufacturing - but in a unique way.  CEGEN is an environmental company that is building environmentally friendly and cost effective data centers.  We bring a fresh perspective.  This perspective has helped lower the cost, on a per square foot basis, significantly.  

A reduced power requirement by up to 10%.

By harmonizing the application of the latest in environmental impact mitigation materials and power technologies, CEGEN estimates an annual power consumption reduction of up to 10%.  For a 20,000 square foot facility, this could be up to $500,000 in annual power cost savings.

A significant reduction in annual CO2 emission.

Each MMDC build can result in incredible reductions in greenhouse gas emissions compared to a traditional data center.  This is achieved by using carbon-negative construction materials, solar panel arrays, HVAC exhaust wind recapture, heat recapture, and clean burn power generation.  Depending on the MMDC facility's size, greenhouses can be installed to bring CO2 emissions to zero; we are doing our part to contribute to and be a part of the industry's Net Zero Carbon Challenge.  

Above ground installation.

The building is elevated three feet by installation on piles.  This raises the entire structure off the ground thereby mitigating flood risk.  

Install smaller, more flexible data centers closer to the end user.

Each MMDC is completely customized to customer and site requirements.  This allows the MMDC to be installed much closer to the end user, thereby supporting edge computing and improving latency performance.

Keep your data close and know where it is being stored.

Data sovereignty is a top priority for government, clients, and businesses alike.  By installing a smaller MMDC closer to end users, or by diverting local Internet traffic to a local MMDC, data sovereignty can be maintained.   

We partner with world-class data center operators.

CEGEN builds and installs the MMDCs.  We work with preeminent data center operators to bring leading edge data center operations, security, efficiency, and IT managed services to each MMDC build.  This gives us the flexibility to choose the right data center operator for our clients' needs.  In addition, our data center operators increase the exposure of our MMDCs to a world-wide network of customers, telcos, and ISPs.  

Community - A CEGEN Key Value

An important aspect of MMDC success is its positive impact on the community.  To achieve this, CEGEN sources and hires local trades to build the MMDC.  We also engage with local charity organizations to participate in the MMDC's greenhouse; local food banks operate the greenhouse and use it to grow produce for their client base.  An additional advantage is that all of the technologies and construction know-how  required for the MMDC concept creates high-paying jobs including engineering, manufacturing, project management, construction, and operations.  The MMDC is also a community asset in that it is beautifully designed, and uses locally commissioned artists to provide sculpture and paintings for lobby and site areas.

MMDC Video Wall

Discover CEGEN's MMDC Design Features and Benefits.

Measuring Environmental Impact 

Each MMDC has a smart meter and connected sensor array installed throughout the entire site.  This allows for real time monitoring of the MMDC site's overall impact on the environment.

MMDC Renderings

Spectacular to behold, breathtaking in design; a proud addition to any community or commercial real estate portfolio.

Some applications require a smaller, more nimble, and portable data center. 

Portable Data Center (PDC)

Our PDCs can be as small as 200 square feet and are delivered with everything you need to be up and running fast.  This includes air conditioning, UPS, power generator, server racks, fire suppression, networking, and electrical cabling.   What's more, our PDC design means that the data center can be re-located with ease  - giving you an extra dimension of flexibility. 

Small, portable, and powerful. Everything you need in a data center for remote site or small footprint applications.

Crypto Cache Mining

We also offer purpose-built small pods for crypto currency mining operations.  These can be as small as 1 MW each, or clustered together for multi megawatt applications.

About CEGEN Environmental Group

CEGEN's boldly innovative technology influences the global discussion on industrial environmental impact. CEGEN Environmental Group was "born" in February 2016, over a few drinks between friends. An intriguing story that started with napkin drawings, a partnership hand shake and great discussion on breaking new ground. We had a garage for an office, remained fully self-financed, and stayed lean and focused.   Two years of research and development, designers, engineers, patent and business lawyers, fund raising, prototype testing, marketing, innovation contests and very long hours has brought CEGEN to where it is today.  We originally described ourselves as the "disrupters of the energy industry," but we were wrong. You are the disrupters of the industry - the risk takers that see potential for change, improvement and are willing to commit. The early adopters of new technologies are the industry heroes, trendsetters, the disrupters, and CEGEN is extremely excited to play a part in that change.

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